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  • HÜDIG REMOTE MAINTENANCE – the “smart“version of wellpoint dewatering


HÜDIG REMOTE MAINTENANCE – the “smart“version of wellpoint dewatering

A few years ago, since the first smartphones entered the market, probably no one could ever imagine which effects this new technology should have on all areas of life.

Meanwhile, the so-called "smart technology" has also arrived in the construction industry, respectively in the range of wellpoint dewatering.

On our electric vacuum units, the HC488 or HC468, the HÜDIG REMOTE MAINTENANCE (HCRM for short) is already successfully installed on customer request.

The aim of HÜDIG was once again to increase the operator comfort of our vacuum units for our customers, in which a wide variety of data can now be tracked and processed from the laptop or smartphone. Of course, the HCRM also has different programmable error messages that can be sent to different employees by mail or SMS, depending on the time of day or night.



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