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HÜDIG – TOYO Armoured Pumps

TOYO armoured pumps are used not only in the building materials industry.

A special application is the stone saws in natural stone processing companies.

A lot of water is moved in a natural stone processing plant. In order to ensure cost-effective operation, closed water circuits are used, in which pumps move the process water via filter systems in order to deposit the abrasive portion in the conveying medium.

The generally used pumps are usually the weak point in this system; mostly, wastewater pumps are used. The service life of the wastewater pumps is announced with an average of two years. The reason for the short service life is the highly abrasive components in the conveying medium.

A TOYO armoured pump is the right solution here.

The long service life of a TOYO pump is exceptionally high and no other manufacturer for armoured submersible pumps can achieve the service life of a TOYO armoured pump.

One of the main reasons for this is that the TOYO armoured pumps were designed for conveying abrasive media already with the first design idea. As a result, high-quality materials are used for TOYO armoured pumps. The low speed of the motor in combination with the high-quality materials is the reason for these long service lives and the high customer satisfaction.

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TOYO type GR 20-3

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