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HÜDIG whisper Dewatering: „The Sylt Test“

The special island Sylt with its long beaches is surely one of the most popular German islands in the North Sea. Many national and international tourists visit this island throughout the whole year. Of course, the visitors and naturally the local people have a demand of silence. During building operations it has to be ensured by suitable means that noise nuisance will be reduced to a minimum level. The local authorities impose that during the period of 13:00 and 15:00 h no building operations must be executed that cause additional noise.

This particularly high demand also effects the construction site Neue Mitte in Westerland / Sylt. The special civil engineering company G+K from Pinneberg got the order to carry out the pit lining and the dewatering in cooperation with the building contractor Peter Jacobsen from Sylt.

Due to the exposed position of the construction site the new HÜDIG whisper has been chosen for this application. In this case, the operation location really fitted perfectly to HÜDIG whisper. An electro vacuum unit of type HC 488-25, equipped with the additional noise protection of version HÜDIG whisper was used here. This encapsulated HÜDIG groundwater dewatering unit creates a sound level of fantastic 41,6 dB(A) at maximum output (measured in a distance of 7 m)!

Construction period was approx. 6 weeks. The HÜDIG whisper could be operated continuously during this time – without any switch-off of the unit between 13:00 and 15:00 h and without any annoyance for the residents. The company Peter Jacobsen was so convinced of the HÜDIG whisper, that after finalization of the original building project the whisper was already employed in a further construction site.

Therefore the grade 1+ can be awarded as result of the Sylt test!

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