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HÜDIG whisper "The „Silent Dewatering“

HÜDIG can even go silent but with full power

Since the introduction of the HÜDIG whisper noise protection hood at NORDBAU in Neumünster in 2015, this product has proven continuously its worth in the market.

Especially on construction sites in inhabited areas the whisper reaches its full potential which is relatively modest – namely being silent.

Diesel motor driven pump systems have quite good noise emission values, considering their performance relations and kind of drive as well as correct measuring. However the maximum possible pumping capacities should be compared which can normally vary between 45 m³/h and 80 m³/h at best, depending on the construction site and the pump system.

A further very convenient aspect for our customers is the possibility to stack the HÜDIG vacuum units one above the other on only 3,6 m³ by using the so-called whisper noise protection hoods.

You could say that the more pump units with wishper noise protection hoods are in stock, the smaller is the necessary storage area and finally storage costs are decreasing.

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