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  • ...I don’t have enough money to buy cheap...


...I don’t have enough money to buy cheap...

An electro vacuum boiler unit like the HC 488 is unparalleled and has no “cheap” alternative if it comes to reliability and service life.

This slogan by a famous economist matches a thousand times in everyday life, and anyone who has ever held a hammer, forceps or a screw driver in his hands knows what cheap junk can cause. Injuries and non-expert professional work are often the result, and especially: the annoyance! How often do we say “if only I had….!”

What counts for the small, counts for the large as well: Many companies shy away from investment costs and the purchasing departments are bound to purchase mainly on cheap level, and the actual producers of goods – let’s call them the makers – have to cope with cheap equipment. But anyone who produces something and works accordingly knows that you can only work professionally when having professional equipment.

The initial costs are quickly recovered, because everything is done safer, easier and faster!

To all the makers: next time pass this slogan on to your purchasing department, if they intend to buy something else than HÜDIG quality products!

We will do the rest and know: once HÜDIG – always HÜDIG.

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