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  • Jetting Pump HC 180/05 in Backfilling Mine


Jetting Pump HC 180/05 in Backfilling Mine

In the backfilling mine of GTS Grube Teutschenthal (Saxony-Anhalt) mineral residual materials are brought into cavities of the former potash and rock salt mining.

For the transport of industrial dust this is mixed with water, carried approx. 700 m underground in pipes DN 60 and after pressure increase stations in pipes DN 100 for several kilometres into the old mining galleries. Blockages of the pipe system often occurred during this process.

In order to prevent this in future, regular pigging of the pipes was determined. The pig should clean the walls of the pipes with high pressure.

The HÜDIG HC 180/05 has been chosen as solution for the drive; a jetting pump convincing due to high capability and mobility. 

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