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One housing - many possibilities

Allrounder with a small footprint made by Hüdig

With the introduction of the HC522, we were able to set a milestone in the field of groundwater lowering. The combination of an oil-free vacuum pump, a centrifugal wastewater pump and an efficient air-water separation system, which is installed in a compact housing, enables the user to use the units even on narrow and inaccessible construction sites. Powered by an economical 1-cylinder diesel engine from HATZ, the HC522 thus works particularly efficiently and enjoys great popularity among service providers, construction companies and the trade.

Based on the HC522, we developed the DIVA80 sewage pumping unit (diesel vacuum unit). Equipped with a single-channel impeller, this powerhouse is capable of pumping wastewater as well as dirty water. This allows the DIVA80 to be used for by-pass sewer work and groundwater lowering in equal measure.

The trio is complemented by the HC522 BT or bentonite. As the name suggests, the HC522 has been modified so that it can be used for pumping bentonite in diaphragm walls, for example. At the same time, this version also retains the compact character!

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