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  • Report on the use of a diesel vacuum unit HC522/17 bentonit


Report on the use of a diesel vacuum unit HC522/17 bentonit

Diesel vacuum unit HC522/17 bentonit

Diesel-Vakuumaggregat HC522/17 Bentonit

Recently we accompanied an operation of a HÜDIG diesel vacuum unit HC 522 / 17 BT (bentonite).

The HC 522 diesel vacuum units, which have been successful for many years, are used for a wide variety of applications. For a long time now, they have not only been used for classic groundwater lowering, but have also enjoyed great popularity for other pumping and conveying measures in the construction and industrial sectors.

In addition, there was a customer requirement for pumping media with high bentonite contents. Bentonite is a rock that contains a mixture of different clay minerals and is therefore highly abrasive. These media with high bentonite contents are mainly used in drilling fluids in wells and in support fluids in unsupported diaphragm walls.
Thus, the HC 522/17 diesel vacuum unit was specially modified to meet these requirements in demanding continuous operation on construction sites. Among other things, the float system in the separator tank was redesigned and flushing connections were retrofitted in order to be able to easily remove deposits and thus counteract the hardening of the bentonite in the individual components of the unit.

Operating principle:
The dirty water pump and vacuum generator, driven by a diesel engine, ensure continuous delivery of the abrasive medium. The air separator tank upstream of the water pump separates any air contained in the medium, so that the water pump conveys only the liquid medium. This combined system provides a safe, fast suction and a high vacuum. With the engine manufacturer's approval, an oil change is only required after 1000 bh.

Datenblatt HC522/17 Bentonit





Einsatzbericht HC522_17_bentonit

Einsatzbericht HC522_17_bentonit




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