Roadshow in France

Irrigation machines to see and touch!

We see them doing their work on agricultural land along the highway or country road. Especially in the hot summer or drier spring days, drum irrigation machines dominate the landscape. When farmers are faced with the decision to invest in a sprinkler system, several factors are used to make the decision. But often practical experience with and on the equipment is lacking. Unlike other agricultural machinery, which has an operator's cab and must be controlled by humans, irrigation machines, once installed, operate autonomously and without human influence. As a result, many farmers lack a deeper understanding of the technology, workmanship and quality of such a hard hose irrigator.

For this reason, we initiated road shows a few years ago, where farmers have the opportunity to extensively test the irrigation machines of the Iromat I RED to Iromat V series. According to the motto "Hands-On", the farmer can get an impression of the machines in cooperation with our technical advisors and use them on his fields according to his needs.

One of our road shows this year will take us to our neighboring country France, which has the largest agricultural area in the EU. Farmers there appreciate robust and, above all, durable machines - because they often run continuously from March to October. The presentation of the Iromat III with a 550m long and in cross-section 120mm wide PE pipe was a complete success. The tandem chassis, equipped with a hydraulic braking system, can be moved stably and safely even with a PE pipe filled with water. The automatic pick-up of the sprinkler cart after the end of the irrigation process and the extremely practical rotating beacon, which prevents the PE pipe from being unwound too far and possibly torn off the drum, were also found to be particularly good.

We have captured the impressions of this road show on a few pictures.

Landwirtschaftliche Beregnungsmaschine-Feldberegnung-Frankreich-Roadshow

Landwirtschaftliche Beregnungsmaschine-Feldberegnung-Roadshow-Frankreich

Landwirtschaftliche Beregnungsmaschine-Feldberegnung-Trommelberegnungsmaschine-Roadshow-Frankreich

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