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  • SDVA 200 HÜDIG Slurry-Diesel-Vacuum-Unit


SDVA 200 HÜDIG Slurry-Diesel-Vacuum-Unit

SDVA 200 HÜDIG Slurry-Diesel-Vacuum-Unit

Application 2014 

Securing deep excavation-pits and foundation-ditches for example the so-called slurry-wall-system will be used. Generally a Bentonit-slurry is used in this type of application as the supporting liquid. In the process of recycling the slurry mixed with additional sand and stones has to be pumped to a separator-unit. This mixture is abrasive and from the used pump-technology a high level of wear-resistance is required. 


Bauer Maschinenbau GmbH

HÜDIG Solution:    SDVA 200

The duty of HÜDIG was the development of a pump-unit which can resist the abrasive medium and which will continue the process in a secure and reliable way. It includes an additional vacuum-pump supporting the suction-process of the pump and the unit should be powered by a Diesel-engine with a flexible rpm-range.                                              

The Basic-Frame: Accomplished as fuel-tank-frame, fully galvanized, the volume of the fuel-tank allows 24 hours full-load operation!

  • Discharge-Pump: For the discharge a heavy-duty slurry pump is used which is famous for its low-wear and the practice-valuation shows that it was the right choice. 
  • Vacuum-Pump: This pump supports the suction-process of the unit. HÜDIG is generally using the so-called dry-running vacuum-pump which does not require any kind of lubrication. Beside the high-capacity it does not need any lubrication-oil or water and it counts as maintenance-free!
  •  Seperator:For the separation-process of the air from the fluid a galvanized separator-chamber is placed before the heavy-duty slurry pump. After ending of the service the unit should be flushed with clear water. For this flushing-process a lot of in- and outlets are already installed.
  • Engine: The drive motor is a HATZ 4-cylinder Diesel-engine in the SilentPack version.

A real pump-unit for the construction-site!

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