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Toyo Pumps use in water works

Use of the Toyo pump type ET5-3

SWO Netz GmbH operates numerous technical plants in the region on behalf of municipal utility Stadtwerke Osnabrück.

For example, iron particles are removed from the raw water in a complex filtration process. From 2 collecting basins as an intermediate station, in which iron particles of a size of 1 to 2 mm are also formed, the water finally goes into 2 external discharge basins. These are operated alternately to guarantee smooth operation. For pumping from the intermediate stations, one TOYO ET5-3 armored pump is used for each basin.

The model is characterized by its compact design with very low space requirements. The jacket cooling also allows semi-submerged use and ensures optimum cooling in this application. The effectively shaped agitator swirls up sediment solids of different sizes and mixes them with liquid. This enables continuous conveying of the solids-liquid mixture. Up to 30 volume % solids concentration is possible. The agitator, the semi-open impeller and the adjustable wear plates are made of high-alloy chromium steel. This ensures an extremely long service life and operational reliability.




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